It’s All about Values in Successful Argumentation

The better you know the values of the people you’re talking to, the easier it is to choose the right arguments to win them over. And the better you know yours, the faster you recognise when you try to convince yourself instead of the other.

I’m Not Rude, I’m Just Having a Flow

It is actually possible that your boss, team leader, colleague and spouse have no idea what kind of damage they produce if they interrupt you in the middle of your work. Tell it to them!

What Else Could This Mean?

When I’m wasting my breath complaining of something, my loved ones look at me gently and ask: “Elisa, what else could that mean?” It is irritating. But it works.

Feedback Has Its Finger on Three Triggers

Human beings come with three different triggers that activate when we receive feedback. Either we feel that the feedback is unreasonable or simply wrong, it comes from a wrong person or it threatens our identity.

Just a Sec, I’m Processing!

When the one asking the question cannot tell, what mayhem of thoughts, calculations and scenarios is piling up in your head and the answer is just being processed, he doesn’t have the patience to wait for the answer.

Lead the Conversation by Asking Questions

If you feel a panicky urge to reassure the customer of your own expertise you might forget one of the most effective tools. By asking the right questions we bring our knowledge forth better than simply having all the right answers.

What Makes Developers Unhappy?

Sandi Metz’s useful and captivating keynote speech from RubyConf 2017 takes you from a simple question to an unexpected path.