Dear Developer

I’ve been a very good human being this year. Which is why I’m asking for a little Christmas present. Would you be so kind and reply to this short questionnaire.

Christmas with Your Family Provides an Opportunity to Practice

Our family members are masters at giving us feedback. Some of it is blunt, some less obvious, some has a point and some is downright outrageous. When you feel yourself getting tense and irritated, it is a perfect opportunity to investigate your feedback triggers.

How Quickly Is Quickly?

“What does quickly mean to you?” It seems like an utterly silly thing to ask. We learn as a child that quick is quick and that’s it. But it isn’t so simple at all.

Do I Have to Apologize When I’ve Done Nothing Wrong?

We ask too little questions. We don’t explore the context enough. We rush to response: “come on, don’t get all worked up about that, it was just a JOKE!”

Me kysymme aivan liian vähän kysymyksiä. Selvitämme aivan liian vähän taustatietoja. Lähdemme useimmiten suin päin vastaamaan, että ”älä nyt hyvä ihminen raivostu, sehän oli VITSI”.