Privacy policy

Who is responsible?

Here in the I, Elisa Heikura, am in charge and also responsible for your privacy as well as your general comfort. You can send all questions you might have regarding privacy to or pick up the phone and call: +358 41 435 9191.

What personal information do I gather and why?


If you leave a comment (and I really hope you do!), the website will gather the information from the comment form (name, email and the actual message) as well as your IP-address and the info about your browser to sort out comments from spam and trash. This information is stored for as long as this website exists. But if you regret leaving a message and desperately want it gone, I will delete it for you.


If you leave a comment, WordPress will store your name and email address automatically to your browser’s cookies. They will be deleted after a year. Google Analytics also needs cookies.


I analyse at the amount of visitors and their activities with Google Analytics. With Google Analytics there’s no way of tracking your personal behaviour no matter what you do or even if you’re the only one here. I can just evaluate that this content seems to have been interesting and that other content was a total waste of everybody’s time. Google Analytics operates with cookies and they’re removed from your browser after a year.

Third party content

The articles on the site may contain embedded third party content (for example videos, images, social media content). Clicking or viewing the embedded content is equivalent to actually visiting the third party site.

These sites may gather information of you, use cookies of their own, add tracking cookies or monitor your interaction with the content including your interaction with the content if and when you’re logged in to the website the content is from.

In other words I cannot really know or affect what the third parties track and monitor because it is out of my reach. But I aim to add only content I myself trust.

What rights do you have?

If you have left comments, you can ask to see all the data you have given me. You may also ask me to remove all your data. The right to ask your data to be removed does not include the data that needs to be stored for website upkeep, juridical or privacy reasons.

To whom do I send your data?

Comments may be filtered through automatic spam filtering program. Otherwise the data will not be send anywhere or to anyone.

Does something bother you?

Contact me: