What is for sale?


Which topic would be important, useful or interesting to you right now?

  • Communication skills for technical experts – among colleagues and to other audiences
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Difficult negotiations, such as taming an angry person
  • Self-awareness and understanding others
  • Impostor Syndrome and how to beat it
  • Responsibility and actual freedom
  • From group work towards team work

All my trainings are concrete and practical. As one developer once said, “The unnecessary jargon and mind boggling mystique was blissfully absent in this training.” I train both in Finnish and English.

Format and length

Which training format would best suit your needs, or how long is your event?

  • Keynote (0,5–1 h) – an inspiring speech: stories, ideas and insights
  • Training (1–2,5 h) – an interactive training: theory, reflection and exercises
  • Workshop (3–6 h) – a guided workshop: working through issues and learning together


 OnlineLive in Turku, Tampere, Helsinki & capital regionLive in other cities and places between train stations
Keynote2800 €3200 €3700 €
Training3200 €3700 €4200 €
Workshop3700 €4200 €4700 €

The prices include everything, like materials and travel expenses. 24% VAT is added to the prices. I never send a bill if the audience thinks the training was a waste of time.

Boot camp for teams of 2-10 people

It’s best to put the whole team through the boot camp at the same time, unless the team is stupendously large. The maximum number of participants is 10 so that we can get down to real work.

Boot camp consists of the following topics:

  • Language as a communication tool, or why communication fails
  • The basic principles of asking and listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Conflicts and other unpleasant skirmishes
  • Building trust and developing relationships
  • Goal-oriented communication, or is it better to be happy or be right

The content of the course varies a bit depending on whether it is a team of in-house software developers or a team of software consultants. The course consists of 4 two-to-three-hour training sessions that are organised once a month. All courses also include a preparatory exercise, a post-mortem exercise and a one-hour call reflecting on the course plus a report given to the manager.

Boot camp prices

FormatPrice per monthTotal price
Distance learning3000 €12,000 €
In-person teaching in Turku, Tampere or the Capital Region
(Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen)
3500 €14,000 €
In-person teaching elsewhere in Finland3900 €15,600 €

The prices include all expenses, but do not include VAT 24 %. The course has a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Strategic Consulting Coaching Program

This 12-week intensive coaching program is designed for software consultants who truly want to develop their consulting skills and learn how to strategically develop customer relationships. The weekly workload is moderate, but the more the consultant engages with the tasks and commits to achieving their goals, the more they will benefit from the program. The program has three objectives:

  • Strengthen the trust between the consultant and the client and develop the customer relationship.
  • Increase the consultant’s understanding of the client’s strategic objectives and their own role as part of the client’s bigger picture.
  • Support collaboration between the consultant and the account manager, expand and deepen the customer relationship, and consider the client’s future needs.

The program costs 4500 € + VAT per consultant.


Struggles within a team? Big themes to talk about? A need to address difficult topics? Do you need someone from the outside to inspire, create a safe atmosphere and take care of the discussion? I facilitate discussions and workshops with robust kindness.

Facilitating a discussion or a workshop (3–6 h) costs 3900 € + VAT. The price includes all expenses.

Note! I only take care of the facilitation not the facilities. So the venue and other arrangements need to be planned separately.

Developer of People as a Service

Not quite sure what your team or organisation needs? Something a bit more persistent and holistic? I think we should sit down and make a plan. And then make that plan a reality with hard work!

Let’s get to it!

Send me an email: elisa@developerhood.com