What is for sale?

If you’re an individual I’m not selling you anything – well besides some thoughts, opinions and new ideas. However, if you represent an organisation and you want me to help you, well hello! You’ve come to the right place.

Training and teaching

When you want your organisation to learn soft skills, it is better to teach small audiences, small batch sizes and often. All my trainings are concrete and practical. As one developer put it: “there was none of that unnecessarily confusing jargon and mystique”.

The topics of the trainings are: taking responsibility, communication, feedback, disagreements, self awareness and team work.

Rates for trainings:

Duration: 2,5 h per training
Audience: 3–10 people
Price: 200 €/attendee

If you want me to train your whole crew, that is more than 10 people, then the price for the training is 2500 €.

Rates include travelling expenses in Finland; VAT is added. I have also a money-back-guarantee: if the audience thinks I was useless, I will not charge you anything.


You should see when I get to speak about these things to big audiences. Or small audiences for that matter. I can guarantee that there will be passionate words paired with useful examples and stories.

Rates for keynotes

HKI, TKU, TRE, HML, Lahti Other cities in Finland
1 h 1500 € 2000 €

VAT 24 % will be added. Prices include travelling expenses in Finland. Ask for options if you’re not based in Finland by sending me an email. Keynotes have a money-back-guarantee as well.

Let’s get to it

Send me an email: elisa@developerhood.com