What is for sale?

If you’re an individual I’m not selling you anything – well besides some thoughts, opinions and new ideas. However, if you represent an organisation and you want me to help you, well hello! You’ve come to the right place.

Training and teaching

There are three topics in my repertoire that will benefit all tech-oriented organisations regardless of the base level. I’ll frame the speech according to the size of the audience and the time available. Speeches are available in English and in Finnish.

  1. Why don’t they get me?
    Successful communication, interaction and teamwork require that we understand ourselves and each other.
  2. The next most important skill to learn
    Receiving feedback well is a necessary lifeskill and the one who can turn feedback into growth will be better off than the rest.
  3. Teamwork needs work
    Team is the most important unit of work. If the team has collective intelligence, it’ll outsmart and outperform heroic geniuses easily. So what are outstanding teams made of?

Rates for trainings:

HKI, TKU, TRE, HML, Lahti Other cities in Finland
1 h 1500 € 1800 €
2 h 1800 € 2100 €
3–4 h 2400 € 2700 €

VAT 24 % will be added. Prices include travelling expenses.
Ask for options if you’re not based in Finland by sending me an email.

Let’s get to it

Send me an email: elisa@developerhood.com