It is certainly easiest to begin with who or what I am not.

  • I’m not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or any other kind of expert on human psyche and mental health.
  • I don’t have a degree on pedagogy, psychology or IT.
  • I have not studied NLP or know any other kind of magic tricks either.

Well this is going great. Who the hell am I then?

  • I’m someone who cares about human interaction, communication and people. Especially developers. I’m odd that way.
  • During my years as a digital marketer I’ve talked with hundreds of developers. From those conversations I’ve learned the pain points developers have in the current working environment.
  • Most often they have something to do with human interaction, communication and people. (See where I’m going here?)
  • I’m sure I can help and I’ve decided to do just that.

I help people grow from the point they’re at right now. I sow seeds of new thoughts and encourage towards change, which often is unpleasant and painful. I reflect, train, challenge and teach. I create a safe and trustworthy environment, which makes it possible for you to dare.

Why do I get along with developers so well?

I don’t know. It might have something to do with the fact that

  • I’m logical and mathematical problem solver.
  • I love The Room, escape rooms, Civilization and board games.
  • I enjoy good beer and whiskey.
  • I laugh at very, very dry jokes.
  • I’m a compassionate humanist.

Or then not.

Can I help you, your team or your organization?

Certainly. Drop me a line: