You know you need to explain it

The code you wrote may be the most beautiful thing ever written and your technical solution unparalleled. Unfortunately it will not help you with your career, your life and not even with your project unless the ones making all the decisions realise it too.

When tricky discussion make you uneasy

There’s no going around it. Some situations are simply difficult. There may be an argument or you should give criticism, face a conflict or get along with people that are just challenging. Could it be any easier?

Problems come from bad programming

In practice most of our problems regarding interaction and communication are a byproduct of the programming we have gathered along our way. The good news is you can intentionally develop this too.

What’s going on here?

Are you one of those who wants to check out the behind-the-scenes materials? Who likes to know what’s happening in the world and preferably a little about everything? Do you read prologues and epilogues or get lost on YouTube for hours? Welcome to the rabbit hole!