Reaching new heights means changing something for the better

Change itself is often unpleasant which is why you need to know what you’re changing for. There’s so many things you can achieve with better communication skills and greater understanding of yourself and others. So what is it that you want?

  • Bigger projects, more money
  • To win negotiations and arguments
  • Self-confidence and awareness
  • Better relationships
  • Knowledge and new thoughts
  • Something else entirely?

Also take a look at what you don’t want. What are the problems you run into again and again? What seems difficult, what is holding you back, what is making you miserable? Or what is a mere nuisance you wish to get rid of?

I know what I want!

Great, let’s get to it then. Here’s a few options you can do now. First take a look at the topics you can find from the blog.

If your goal requires to reason, argue and explain things better:
It’s a matter of words

If you find yourself facing conflicts and tricky discussions:
Tools for tough situations

Here are some books to help you with your goal

The Arbinger Institute – Leadership and Self-Deception
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Susan Cain – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking
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Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen – Thanks for the Feedback
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Daniel Kahneman – Thinking, Fast and Slow
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And then what?

You joined the Slack, read the articles and the books? Or your goal or problem is not yet covered? In that case send me an email and I’ll think of a way to help you. Everything you tell me is confidential even if I’m not a shrink.
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