Start with these

Just a sec, I’m processing!

When the one asking the question cannot tell, what mayhem of thoughts, calculations and scenarios is piling up in your head and the answer is just being processed, he doesn’t have the patience to wait for the answer.

Lead the conversation by asking questions

If you feel a panicky urge to reassure the customer of your own expertise you might forget one of the most effective tools. By asking the right questions we bring our knowledge forth better than simply having all the right answers.

The answer is hidden in the situation

We have two opposing need: the need for control and certainly and the need for creativity and uncertainty. Using both forces is a key to successful negotiations.

How quickly is quickly?

“What does quickly mean to you?” It seems like an utterly silly thing to ask. We learn as a child that quick is quick and that’s it. But it isn’t so simple at all.