A matter of words

Do I really have to argue? Couldn’t I just focus on my work?

Sorry to be the party killer but you already know that you can’t. 

More often than not we need to win others over and reason our decisions and solutions. We are forced to explain our work to people who don’t have the faintest idea what it is that we do and why the thing we just did is the best thing ever.

Sometimes those people are our bosses who stare at us over the table in our one-to-one. Other times it is the colleague (or spouse), who simply will not listen. Most often it is the customer, who has strong opinions but little knowledge of the matter at hand.

The less the other participant seems to understand us, the colder the sweat that creeps down your spine. What else is there to do? What else can I possibly say?

Start with these

How Quickly Is Quickly?

“What does quickly mean to you?” It seems like an utterly silly thing to ask. We learn as a child that quick is quick and that’s it. But it isn’t so simple at all.