Under the hood

This category is just like that drawer which contains all sorts of random valuable and useful things that don’t quite have any other place. Going through the box you might find the thing you went there looking for. More likely you’ll find something else, which turns out to be useful even though you didn’t know it when you started your search. Or then you’ll end up reading old letters for half an hour.

This box of all sorts will contain at least:

  • insights from events and meetings
  • pieces from books and discussions
  • peeks to back stage and under the hood
  • experiences, news and other stories
  • and maybe a couple of funny cat videos.

This is also a place for visitors. Do you want to share your knowledge and thoughts? Send me an email: elisa@developerhood.com

Enter the rabbit hole

What Makes Developers Unhappy?

Sandi Metz’s useful and captivating keynote speech from RubyConf 2017 takes you from a simple question to an unexpected path.

As a Guest at Time to Shine Podcast

Is it possible to overcome imposter syndrome? What is it anyway? Oscar Santolalla and I discussed the topic on his Time to Shine Podcast episode 132.