Questionnaire: How Bad Is Your Imposter Syndrome?

The results of the previous questionnaire are just about to be published, so it is time to do a new one. This time the actual questionnaire is rather short but you need to do a test before you can answer. I want to find out, how common and how bad the imposter phenomenon is among developers and other technical experts.

To fill in the questionnaire you’ll do a test which will tell the depth of your own suffering.

I’ll draw a winner among all participants 15th of December and the prize will be a sturdy pile of interesting books. And I warmly thank everybody for their help!

EDIT. The lottery has closed, winners have been drawn and notified, books are soon on their way. However there’s nothing stopping you from doing the test and answering the questionnaire nonetheless. Every answer is important and valuable to me. Thank you all who have answered so far!

Take the test and questionnaire

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  1. Wow, the test verified what I suspected. 73 was my score. This has been an issue all my adult life. Thank you for the links and for this great site for personal growth.

    1. Thank you for your comment and feedback! I recommend the book The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women by Valerie Young. It helped me a lot with my imposter thoughts.

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