Tools for tough situations

Within every conflict there’s a possibility for growth

It’s easy to be a good team player on days when everybody is happy. It takes a whole lotta more talent to be a good team player on other days, when opinions, goals and personalities clash. However, each argument, conflict and difficult situation contains a possibility to develop as a human being.

These situations feel uneasy at first. We have a tendency to avoid discomfort, fear and rejection. In addition to that, most of us have been brought up to believe one should not argue. No wonder we would like to circle around difficult topics and put out any potential conflict as fast as possible. But that is not a sustainable way of dealing with things.

Not all arguments are necessary. I want to help you to recognize the ones that are. I want to provide you with tools to withstand and endure difficult situations and deal with challenging people. What is good argument like? How can you disagree in a constructive manner? How to find the growth within the conflict?

Start with these

Do I Have to Apologize When I’ve Done Nothing Wrong?

We ask too little questions. We don’t explore the context enough. We rush to response: “come on, don’t get all worked up about that, it was just a JOKE!”

Me kysymme aivan liian vähän kysymyksiä. Selvitämme aivan liian vähän taustatietoja. Lähdemme useimmiten suin päin vastaamaan, että ”älä nyt hyvä ihminen raivostu, sehän oli VITSI”.