Dear Developer

I’ve been a very good human being this year. I’ve tried to help all developers I know with their work as well as their everyday life. I’ve brought to the table everything I know and everything I thought might help even a little.

Next year I intend to be even more dedicated to this work.

Which is why I’m asking for a little Christmas present. Would you and your developer colleagues be so kind and reply to this short questionnaire. With your replies I will be able to solve actual problems and help you with real challenges instead of merely creating new laptop stickers (though I think I’ll do those as well).

Between all the respondents I’ll raffle a sturdy pile of books. Reading them all through will make life somewhat peculiar. You can attend until 6th of January 2019.

[Edit 7th January: The winners have been drawn and contacted and the raffle has been closed. You may of course still answer the questionnaire.]

Answer the questionnaire

Thank you so much in advance and merry Christmas!


Or what do you think?

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