What is the Imposter Phenomenon (Syndrome)?

In short, a person suffering from Imposter Syndrome is not able to see themselves as skilled or able – despite that fact that they may be managing their work and life just fine.

Imposter Syndrome Distorts Our View of Competence

When caught up with imposter thoughts, a person creates themselves a completely unattainable and unsustainable ‘competence ideal’. Trying to live up to this ideal feeds the creation of yet more imposter feelings.

Fight the Urge to Say NO

Are you one of those people, for whom NO comes naturally and is more or less your default reaction? Take a step to the next level and learn to say no without saying no.

Making Space is More Important Than Giving Advice

“Don’t ask or give advice” is of course in itself an advice. Don’t believe it. Instead read the whole article of why making space for the other to come up with a solutions is better than giving advice.

Most Important Question of the Year – What Do I Want?

We think we can want everything, and that we don’t have to pay anything for the things that we want. We also think that if we don’t like something, it necessarily means we don’t want it. But these are all misconceptions.

Recognise and Own Your Core Values

Values define and guide everything we do. Yet we spend very little time to examine what it actually is that we find valuable. Now is just the right time to do that.

The Responsibility Process Sidetrack: I Quit!

On the corridors of many workplaces wander alienated, discouraged and mentally quit employee zombies. Giving up is our mental getaway, when the pressure of shame and obligation becomes too much to bear.