Strain Your Brain by Asking What If Not

What if not is a semi insane question. It works like this: what if this thing I’m familiar with would NOT be that which I think it to be right now.

Convince Your Audience with a Convincing Standing Position

We would of course prefer if only the content of the speech would matter. But the truth is, we don’t trust a speaker who doesn’t have a convincing body language. The good new is, we have been born with an ability to stand convincingly.

Talk to the Right Person in the Room

When you want the decision maker to be on your side, it is important to address the right person in the meeting. The one who actually affects the decision – instead of the nice dude, who already agrees with you.

An Introvert Is a Negotiation Ninja

Negotiation jujitsu is a skill anyone can, and probably should, learn. But it is true that introverts have many intrinsic characteristics that are beneficial in a negotiation.

It’s All about Values in Successful Argumentation

The better you know the values of the people you’re talking to, the easier it is to choose the right arguments to win them over. And the better you know yours, the faster you recognise when you try to convince yourself instead of the other.

I’m Not Rude, I’m Just Having a Flow

It is actually possible that your boss, team leader, colleague and spouse have no idea what kind of damage they produce if they interrupt you in the middle of your work. Tell it to them!

What Else Could This Mean?

When I’m wasting my breath complaining of something, my loved ones look at me gently and ask: “Elisa, what else could that mean?” It is irritating. But it works.