The Responsibility Process Sidetrack: I Quit!

On the corridors of many workplaces wander alienated, discouraged and mentally quit employee zombies. Giving up is our mental getaway, when the pressure of shame and obligation becomes too much to bear.

The Responsibility Process

It was not my fault, this sucks and do I really have to? This is our automatic way of thinking, but it is not the best possible train of thought to have. If we move from these steps onwards, we are rewarded with better solutions and less anxiety.

The Story I Tell Myself of the Occasion

If it was up to our brain to decide, we would be the most important person of every story. Most often this interpretation is, however, wrong. It is a good idea to have a reality check by telling your version of the story and asking, how the other person sees it.

Did Your Boss Attend the Nordic Business Forum?

Stop the press! It is time to add some new things on the agenda of your next Monday meeting. If your boss was in the Nordic Business Forum, there are the themes, problems and ideas you should bring up with her now when the time is right.